DK-1 Density Measurement Kit

Category Balance Accessories
Manufacturer Torbal
The Torbal Density Determination Kit (DDK) is designed to allow Torbal Analytical Balances to be used to determine the density of solids and fluids using Archimedes principle in a way that eliminates the need for below the pan weighing. Torbal also makes available an Excel spreadsheet which makes the calculations required for density determinations. Embedded in this spreadsheet is a table of water density versus temperature from 15 C to 27 C in 0.1 C increments.

The kit consists of a weighing frame which replaces the weigh pan and adapter, a sinker (the pan that hold the unknown sample), a 400ml beaker, a frame that supports the weight of the beaker (with its fluid, bracket, and thermometer) and passes the weight to the frame of the scale (not the weigh frame). This apparatus will be used to measure the weight of the sample in air, called the dry weight (Wd), and to determine the weight of the same sample immersed completely in a fluid, called the wet weight (Ww). The difference between these two (Wd-Ww) is the buoyancy of the sample in the fluid.

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