OHAUS Adventurer® Precision Balances

Category Laboratory Balances
Manufacturer Ohaus
Country of manufacture the United States

Striking the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities, the OHAUS Adventurer incorporates all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. With a color touchscreen, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, and much more, Adventurer is the most complete balance in its class.

Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Totalization/Statistics, Formulation, Density Determination, Display Hold

4.3" (109 mm) Full-color VGA graphic touchscreen with user-controlled brightness

AC adapter (included)

RS232, USB Host, USB Device (included). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.

Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with two piece top mounted side doors and sliding top door (1mg models only), illuminated up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, full housing in-use cover

Design Features
Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, user selectable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, user selectable communication settings and data print options, user definable project and user IDs, up to 9 operating languages


  • Fast stabilization and reliable operation are enhanced by the AutoCalTM option to ensure solid weighing performance and accurate, repeatable results for standard laboratory applications.
  • The wide viewing angle color touchscreen provides access to all of Adventurer’s applications, while dual USB ports with GLP/GMP tracking capabilities assist in the monitoring and reporting of data.
  • The 1mg models have a two piece, top-mounted draftshield with doors that open wide, providing ample room for sample placement, while the 0.01g and 0.1g models feature large weighing pans.
Key Attributes
Capacity 220-8200g (model dependent)
Readability 0.001-0.1g (model dependent)
Calibration External or Internal and External (model dependent)
Draft protection None* (Doors on 0.001g readability models)
Data output port RS232 and USB
Warranty 2 Years


Manufacturer Specifications 
Model AX223 AX324 AX523 - AX622 - AX1502 AX2202 AX4202 AX5202 - AX4201 AX8201
External Calibration AX223


AX422 /E - AX822 /E AX1502 /E AX2202 /E AX4202 /E - AX2201 /E AX4201 /E AX8201 /E
Certified Models AX223
AX324N AX423
- - - AX1502
- - - AX8201
Capacity (g) 220 420 520 420 620 820 1520 2200 4200 5200 2200 4200 8200
Readability d (d) 0.001 0.01 0.1
Verification Interval* e (g) - 0.01 - 0.1 - - - I
Class* - II - II - - - II
Repeatability stg (g) ±0.001 ±0.01 ±0.1
Linearity ±0.002 ±0.02 ±0.2
Stabilization Time (sec) ≤2 ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C) 3 3 1.9 9
Weighing Units Gram, Milligram, mesgal, momme, Newton, Ounce, Pennyweight, Baht, carat, Grain, pound, Hong Kong Tael, Singapore Tael, Taiwan Tael, Tical, Tola, troy ounce, Custom Unit 1
Weighing Units, certified models - ct, grain, g, mg, oz, ozt, dwt ct, grain, g, oz, ozt, dwt, lb, kg - - - ct, grain, g, oz, ozt, dwt, lb, kg
Weighing Applications Weighing, Percent Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Totalization, Formulation, Density Determination, Display Hold
Pan Size (diameter) Ø 3.5 in / 90 mm 6.9 x 7.7 in / 175 x 195 mm 6.9 x 7.7 in / 175 x 195 mm
Calibration All models feature external calibration. Models feature AutoCal™ internal calibration, except for AX.../E models
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Power Requirements AC Adapter Input: 100-240 VAC, 0.3A, 50-60 Hz AC Adapter Output: 12 VDC 0.84A
Display Type Full-color Touchscreen WQVGA Graphic LCD
Display Size 4.3 in / 109 mm (diagonal)
Base Housing (wxdxh) 13.93 × 13.39 × 9.05 in / 354 × 340 × 230 mm 13.93 × 3.94 × 9.05 in / 354 × 100 × 230 mm
Communication RS232, USB Device, USB Host
Temperature Range 50°F to 86°F / 10°C to 30°C
Humidity Range Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 86°F/30°C
Storage Conditions 14°F/-10°C to 140°F/60°C at 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 20.0 × 15.4 × 20.9 in / 507 × 387 × 531 mm 22.0 × 15.5 × 11.9 in / 557 × 392 × 301 mm
Net Weight 12.8 lbs / 5.8 kg 10.2 lbs / 4.6 kg 8.4 lbs / 3.8 kg
Shipping Weight 18.8 lbs / 8.5 kg 14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg 12.6 lbs / 5.7 kg

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