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Ohaus ASTM Class 1 Individual Weights

Category Weights
Manufacturer Ohaus

Adjusted to Meet or Exceed ASTM Class 1 Tolerances


  • Weights from 5mg to 30kg are Stainless Steel. Weights from 1mg to 2mg are Aluminum.
  • Individual Weights up to 500mg include a Polypropylene Case. Weights from 1g to 2kg include a Polycarbonate Case.

ASTM Class 1 Individual Weight Sizes available:

  • 30kg
  • 20kg
  • 10kg
  • 5kg
  • 4kg
  • 2kg
  • 1kg
  • 500g
  • 400g
  • 200g CL 1 (tapered neck lift)
  • 200g
  • 100g CL 1 (tapered neck lift)
  • 100g
  • 50g CL 1 (tapered neck lift)
  • 50g
  • 40g
  • 20g CL 1 (tapered neck lift)
  • 20g
  • 10g
  • 5g
  • 2g
  • 1g
  • 500mg
  • 200mg
  • 100mg
  • 50mg
  • 20mg
  • 10mg
  • 5mg
  • 2mg CL 1
  • 1mg

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