Radwag MYA 4Y PLUS Microbalances

Category Laboratory Balances
Manufacturer Radwag
Country of manufacture Poland

The MYA 4Y PLUS microbalance is a professional instrument intended for the most demanding applications. The innovative SYNERGY LAB line guarantees the highest quality, precision and reliability.

Faster measurement with the new CPU
4Y balances feature Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor which delivers noticeable performance improvements including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values.

16 GB RAM – more data management possibilities
16 GB RAM offers possibility of recording data in a form of complex reports. Time and statistic data diagrams on series of weighments are another useful option.

The best possible repeatability and USP regulations conformity
The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251) make 4Y balances a new standard for mass measurement quality.

Ergonomics and safety
Wireless communication between balance terminal and a weighing unit make it possible to comfortably operate 4Y series balances in laminar air flow cabinets and fume cupboards.

Remote control operation
Wireless Connection module offers wireless transfer of data recorded by 4Y balance to any portable device powered by iOS or Android systems using special applications intended for data management.

Data safety
Every single 4Y balance features ALIBI memory designed to provide protection and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are also available to users.

Filter weighing option
This innovative solution enables the user to easily swap the weighing chamber with the chamber for filter weighing, which considerably expands the MYA 4Y microbalance functionality. The filter weighing chamber is characterized by high ingress protection. Large open-work weighing pan allows precise weighing of filters of various dimensions (max ø100). It is made of stainless steel which makes the chamber resistant to chemicals, colour change and scratches. The additional chamber does not come standard with the MYA 4Y microbalance.

CAUTION: In order to carry out the weighing process by means of microbalance and ultra-microbalances correctly, it is  necessary to prepare the workstation and to operate the device as required follow usage and installation guidelines


  • Electronic level indicator
    • - ALARM function
    • - graphic level indicator
    • - programmable acceptable tilts
  • Data exchange through USB storage devices
    • - update balance software
    • - export weighing data
    • - export/import databases
    • - export/import balance settings
    • - exchange data between balances
  • Infrared proximity sensors, Optional functions:
    • - PRINT function
    • - TARE function
    • - sensor's sensitivity adjustment
  • Portability
    • Extra option: Balances with a wireless terminal
  • Interfaces
    • - Ethernet
    • - 2×USB
    • - 2×RS 232
    • - 4 in / 4 out
    • - WiFi 2,4GHz b,g,n
  • 2-Point Adjustment
    • The highest measurement accuraccy guaranteed
  • Reflex Level Systen
    • Fully automatic balance Levelling
  • Smart Min Weight
    • Minimum Sample Weight improved by 30%
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
    • Various functions for protecting and monitoring of balance operation
  • Antistatic Weighing Chamber
    • Antistatic coating of the glass panes
Key Attributes
Capacity 2.1g - 31g (model dependent)
Readability 1 µg - 10 µg (model dependent)
Calibration Internal
Draft protection Doors (except on 5.1 g models with optional larger pan sizes, these do not have doors)
Data output port 2×RS232, 2×USB-A, Ethernet, 4 IN / 4 OUT (digital), Wi-Fi®(model dependent)
Warranty 2 Years


Manufacturer Specifications
Maximum capacity [Max] 2.1 g 5.1 g 11 g 11 / 52g  21 / 52 g 21 g 31 g
Readability [d] 1 µg 1 / 10 µg  1 µg
Tare range -2.1 g -5.1 g -11 g -52 g -21 g -31 g
Repeatability (5% Max) 0.5 µg 1 µg 1.2 µg 2 µg 1.2 µg 2 µg
Repeatability (Max) 1 µg 1.6 µg 2.5 µg 10 µg 3 µg 5 µg
Linearity ±3 µg ±5 µg ±6 µg ±10 / 30 µg ±7 µg ±8 µg
Eccentric load deviation 3 µg 5 µg 6 µg 6 / 10 µg  7 µg 8 µg
Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2) 0.1 mg 0.2 mg 0.24 mg 0.4 mg 0.24 mg 0.4 mg
Minimum weight (USP) 1 mg 2 mg 2.4 mg 4 mg 2.4 mg 4 mg
Stabilization time max 8 s max 10 s
Adjustment internal (automatic)
OIML Class I
Display 5.7” resistive colour touchscreen
Communication interface 2×RS232, 2×USB-A, Ethernet, 4 IN / 4 OUT (digital), Wi-Fi®
Power supply 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption max. 700 mA (wireless terminal - 1A)
Operating temperature +10 ÷ +40 °C
Working temperature change rate ±0.3°C/1h (±1°C/8h)
Atmospheric humidity 40% ÷ 80% b.d. 40% ÷ 80%
Atmospheric humidity change rate ±1%/h (±4%/8h)
Weighing chamber dimensions ø90×90 mm ø90×90 mm
Weighing pan dimensions ø16 mm ø26 mm ø26 mm ø26 / ø40 mm ø26 mm
Packaging dimensions 660×660×455 mm
Net weight 9.1 kg 10.2 kg 9.1 kg
Gross weight 16.6 kg 14.7 kg 16.6 kg

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